Ghouls in love

A few days ago I bought Gooliope and 13 Wishes Twyla.

I found their difference in height completely adorable, but when I tried to take pictures I realised that Twyla’s hips are loose and have a mind of their own. Every time I stood her up, her legs slid all over the place. So Gooliope needed to help her stand up.

And they sort of ended up looking like a couple.

Gooliope is currently midway between a hair sorting, her hair was half frizz ball, half gluey gunk mess, so it’s tied back a little until I can figure out how to curl it.

Twyla’s hair wasn’t too bad visually straight out the box (as she is here) but WOW is it sticky. There’s so much goop in it that it feels damp to the touch. Which is more than a little bit gross.

But still. They’re adorable. And I last minute realised I hadn’t stuck in Gooliope’s head band, it sits quite nicely under the two locks of tied back hair.


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