Oh deer.

So lately university has been getting in the way of my experiments on poor Draculaura, and her partially rooted head has been put aside for the time being.

But buying things doesn’t take up much of my time! So when I was in Toys’r’Us a few weeks back I saw this EAH forest pixie and picked her up.

She is a very sweet little deer girl… thingy. There was also a rabbit girl in the store, and there’s a bird(nest?!) girl about too, but she wasn’t in stock at the time.

I really like the colour of her skin compared to the colour of her hair. If anyone’s ever read The Old Kingdom series, she reminds me of the Clayr, with their dark skin and fair hair.

Her hair did come in a ponytail, but unfortunately one of the ear / antler combos wasn’t set in fully, and when her hair is pulled flat against her head there is a notable gap between ear and scalp.

Her belt and shoes, whilst one colour, are also deer themed. With the stag (I assume) head on the belt, and a small… fawn? It also looks like a bunny? On the toe of one of her shoes. Just one though. The other looks like it has a sort of bush on it. How odd.

Her dress is fairly sweet, I like the shape but find the pattern a little too garish. But hey, most of my dolls end up lying around naked anyway.

She’s also pretty small.


Compared to Apple White (shown here naked, I told you) she’s about a head shorter and also, obviously, less articulated, only moving at the hips and shoulders, but she was fairly cheap, so eh. I would really like the other two Forest Pixie’s, especially the bird nest one, but I just checked on amazon and they’ve moved from the £7 I got this one for to £30. Ouch.

SPEAKING OF £7 THOUGH, one last picture to end with. Smyth’s were having a clearance sale so I got Lagoona Blue for £7 rather than whatever the hell they were originally charging. Here is a terrible picture I took just after I got her out the box, and I was very happy as this is one of the first times I’ve removed a doll to find NO STICKY in the hair.



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