Poor, mutilated Draculaura now has eyes. Sort of.

I’ve never handled nor seen in person doll eyes before, so whilst there were a bunch of size options, I didn’t really know what that meant. Going off a google search for an appropriate size, I settled with 10mm.

And then discovered what a pain in the butt it was putting them in.

The disembodied head looked cross-eyed for a good while, until I settled on an almost straight, albeit incredibly vacant, stare for the time being. Held in with a small mountain of blutack as I am a terrible person who forgot eye putty.

Exciting tip: blutack does not stick well to the smooth inside of a Monster High head.

Buut here is the face. With eyes!

As I foolishly carved out the eyes after removing the original face, I didn’t have much of a guideline to work around, so they’re slightly uneven. But without something filling the hole, looking through to more light pink inside of head just meant it was hard to see which bits in particular needed reshaping. The lower lines are at a different angle, but there’s not much I can do about that without it going horribly wrong. The right eye needs to be widened a little, but that can easily be done by shaving off a little bit more from the top lid.

I have made more progress with the reroot though.

If progress means rooting three half rows, and realising, wow. I do not have enough hair here. Also the etsy shop I got it from is currently closed.

The world is a cruel place.

LUCKILY the hair happens to be incredibly thick, barely a third of the headspace I’m covering is done and it already looks like quite a lot, due to the nature of the hair. And in another bout of luck, I’ve been wanting to attempt flocking ever since I heard about it all of two days ago.

So girl is getting an undercut.

I have draw a vague biro line that is unlikely to ever rub off where I’m planning on stopping the rooted hair (as I balance the face and scalp together), and I’ve no plans at all to root any hair in the middle. Where the previous hair was parted, the holes are rather wide and close together, I’m wary of splitting them, because if that starts to happen her whole head may fall apart.

It will probably look disastrous when it all comes together.

But at least it may be an endearing and pastel coloured form of disastrous.


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