You and Me and My Crochet Hook

I am slowly but surely putting hair into Draculaura’s pretty pink head.
(Pretending here that there was a gap between the previous post and this, as if I’m not doing them on the same day to make it look as if my blog has content)

I’ve only spent one evening doing it so far, I anticipate having a bunch more time in the following week, so I’m sort of waiting until then to really get going. Probably whilst continuing to watch the X-Files again, I’ve become hooked.

Which is an entirely unintentional pun.

I am using a crochet hook for rerooting.

I’ve seen tutorials that use a rerooting tool, folding the hair in half and then pushing it into the… holey-bit. Which looks like a fantastic way of doing things. … except the hair I’m using has a distinct blunt edge and tapered edge, and tends to have a slightly ombre effect in the lavendery tones.

Instead (and here’s where I sort of wish I persevered with my hunt for a nice wig tutorial) I found a method in which you knot the end of the hair, thread it on a needle, and pull it through the hole. Like a single stitch. About a billion times. Excellent!

Except I’m far too lazy to rethread a needle a billion times, plus when I did give the needle a shot out of curiosity it ended horribly.

So instead I’m using a crochet hook! I knot the strands together, give them a twist to keep them nice and tight, pop a 0.6mm crochet hook through the top of the head, scoop up my lock, pull it out. Simple!

Aside the cursing and coaxing that occasionally happens when it gets stuck. But that’s fine, I’m still learning.

Of course the whole process is made easier by the fact I’ve scalped poor Draculaura.

Leaving a few hair holey things around the edge of her face, I used a craft knife to remove the majority of her head. I did not do this for rerooting, but it turned out to be surprisingly convenient, so two birds and one stone and all that.

Her scalp looks very very dirty. That’s because it pretty much is. When I took acetone to the previously black painted head, it removed it pretty well, but some of the paint did get stuck in the holes, and no amount of rinsing would get rid of it.  I tried poking at it with the crochet hook, to see if the gunk would come out, but nope. However when I pushed through the first lock of hair, it didn’t come out streaked in black, so I figured it’ll do for now. I can figure out how to fix this problem in the future, poor Draculaura is only a test subject for now.

Also the main reason I removed the head. I cannot draw even eyes.

I’m looking forward to the rest of a face up, but the EYES oh god the EYES. I was debating just never trying it ever because no matter what I did any doll I touched would end up looking like it had a lazy eye and it would be awful and bug me forever.

But then I realised. I could carve the moulded eyes right out of Draculaura’s face and stick in some doll eyes! Which is what I did, removing her scalp for easier access. I’m waiting on the delivery of the eyes. In the mean time, her head is chilling about looking like this.

Which isn’t weird in the slightest.

[Wow, check out that poor picture quality!!]


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